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Disclaimer:  I own nothing.  Sucks, doesn’t it?  Here’s the big chapter – Buffy vs. Blade!  Hope y’all enjoy!

Slayer vs. Daywalker

 Buffy followed Blade into the large room, surveying its contents quickly.  A large mat took up a large portion of the floor, the only part uncovered was an area filled with racks and racks of weapons.  A small shelf stood in one of the corners of the room, an array of first aid products filling its shelves.  The walls, vacant of any windows, were a lifeless gray.  A fluorescent light filled the room, giving off a harsh glare.

 “Nice décor.  It gives the place a homey feel,” Buffy commented.  Blade glared at her briefly before walking over to the weapons racks.  He started to pick up one of the knives but stopped short as Buffy started talking.  “Do we really need weapons for this?”

 As the words left her lips, a sudden memory hit her hard and she almost reeled back from the impact.  Memories of a fateful night, years ago.  Her first real glimpse of a vampire that would become a large part of her life.

 “Do we really need weapons for this?” Buffy asked coldly as she gripped the ax in her hand.  The vampire with a shock of peroxide blonde hair – Spike – stared back at her.

 A slow, twisted smirk crossed his face as he almost caressed the weapon he carried.  “I just like them.  They make me feel all manly.”

 Buffy shook her head, clearing her mind of any memories as Blade walked away from the weapons rack and onto the matted floor.  She walked towards him, pushing any thoughts of her past to the back of her head, determined to concentrate only on the fight.

 “Are you ready, blondie?” Blade asked, slowly started to circle her.  Buffy raised her eyebrow at the name, watching him carefully as he circled her, never taking his eyes away from him.

“Blondie?” she asked.  “Nice nickname.  You’ll regret calling me that later though, since I do prefer to be called by my real name.”

“Whatever you say,” Blade said. “So are you ready?  Or do you just want to stand there all night.”

“Bring it on – I can handle whatever you throw my way,” she taunted, arms outstretched before her, beckoning him to fight.

A low grumble from deep within his throat came out as he lunged at her, fists outstretched.  She ducked under him, taking advantage of her size to dodge his waving fists.  She fell to the ground, sweeping his feet out from under him.  He went down, but rolled away as she lunged towards him.

He stood up, warily this time as he watched her.  Both leapt at each other at the same time, each landing hits.  Buffy winced as his boot met her ribs but continued on with her uppercut.  His head flew back and he emitted a grunt of pain.  Both recovered quickly, though, and Blade was able to block the punches that Buffy threw at him.

Unexpectedly, Buffy jumped forward in a swift butterfly kick, knocking Blade back.  She kept moving forward in an array of kicks, grinning at the look of surprise on his face.

“And here I thought you would be a challenge,” she said, feigning a yawn as she went into a round kick to his head.  “Guess the Daywalker isn’t what everyone thought.”

He blocked the kick, grabbing her leg as he did.  With a twist of his arm, Buffy whirled in a circle and landed on her back on the ground.  Before she had a chance to move, he knelt down besides her and grabbed her throat in a vise-like grip.  “What makes you think I was actually trying?”

Her only answer was a wry smile as she swung her legs around, hitting him in the back of the head.  His grip loosened slightly, giving Buffy all the room she needed to grab his wrist and swing him to the ground.  She flipped up, falling into a defensive stance as he slowly stood up.

“So you’re the Slayer?” he asked, jumping into a tornado kick.  “Does it usually take you this fuckin’ long to kill your enemies?”

She ducked under his kick, punching him with a quick jab in the abdomen.  “Not always.  Sometimes I just like to play before I kill them.”

She swung at him with a cross, but he saw the movement.  In a blink of an eye, he grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her.  She winced in pain, but elbowed him in the gut with her free arm.  As he grunted and twisted forward, she head butted him and was free of his grip.

She hopped jauntily, shifting her weight from foot to foot.  “What’s wrong Blade?  Getting tired?  Didn’t know half-vamps got winded so easily.”

“Don’t worry.  I’ve already got my second wind.”

Both jumped at each other and the met in the air.  Buffy feigned a hit with her right knee, bringing her left leg up in a kick at the last minute.  Blade blocked her knee and punched forward, once again hitting her in the jaw.  Both hit the ground, but able to keep their balance.

No more words were spoken between the two as they continued their mock-fight.  Blade punched forward in a series of jabs, crosses, and hooks, using his size to push her back, closer to the wall.  Buffy blocked most of the punches, though a few did slip through her defenses.  She felt the wall getting closer as she continued blocking the punches.  When the wall was only a foot away from her back, she suddenly jumped towards it, using it as a jumping off point.  Literally.

As her one leg absorbed the momentum of her jump, she kicked forward with her other leg and caught Blade across the jaw.  He stumbled back, only to be met with a quick sidekick.  His arm went forward in an outer block, his arm getting the brunt of the force. 

Buffy continued forward, kicking towards his neck with a swift whip kick.  He blocked the kick, though, and punched forward with a right hook.  She blocked his hook and suddenly flipped over him.  He spun around, only to be met with a strong cross to his nose.

As he wiped away the drops of blood that fell from his now-bleeding nose, he went down and swept her legs out from under her, using her own move against her.  She hit the ground, gasping as the wind was knocked out of her.  Blade took advantage of it and lunged towards her.  But even though she could not take a deep breathe, she saw him coming.  As he landed on top of her, she grabbed his shirt and, firmly pressing her foot on his chest, kicked forward.

Buffy slowly stood up as Blade flew across the room, hitting the wall.  He winced as he got up, already feeling a bruise beginning to form on his back.  “Ready to call it quits old man?  Or are you up for more?”

“Bring it,” Blade spit out as he slowly advanced on her.  She merely raised an eyebrow and smiled at him as she sauntered towards him.

With a burst of fresh speed, Blade rushed towards her.  He punched towards her with a jab, turning it into a knife hand at the last possible moment.  Buffy, taken by surprise by the move, was unable to block it and she grunted as it hit her in the ribs.  He followed it with an uppercut that had her reeling.  As he kicked forward with a round kick, she managed to block it slightly.  She back flipped away, shaking her head to catch her bearings.

“Tired already, blondie?” Blade rasped.

“I’ve barely gotten started.” 

With that both of them attacked in earnest, neither holding anything back.  Their movements seemed to blur as punch after punch was exchanged, blocks were put up, and kicks were put forward in full strength.  Finally, with a burst of energy from each, both of them managed to hit each other.  Blade caught Buffy off-guard with a jumping front kick, while she leapt into a butterfly kick. 

Both flew backwards, hitting the ground.  Identical gasps of pain were issued from both as they slowly stood up.  The bruises both had received were finally being felt.  Buffy and Blade looked at each other warily for a minute, both in defensive stances.  Then, as a mutual understanding, both relaxed.

Buffy walked over to the first aid shelves, pulling out towels for both of them.  She threw one to Blade, sighing in relief as she wiped the sweat and blood off of her skin.  “Thanks for the workout.  You weren’t too bad, for a half-vamp.”

“And you weren’t bad either – for a midget.”

Buffy turned and glared at him, hands on her hips.  “I am not short!”  she exclaimed as she stared up at his tall frame.  “You’re just much too tall, that’s all.”

Blade chuckled and for a moment, a smile passed between them.  For a moment, there was an understanding between the two as they took a break from the hardships of the past to have a simple conversation.

“Where the fuck did you learn to fight like that?  And with such power?” Blade asked as he threw the towel back on the shelves.  “Cause you would think that a person your size couldn’t do half the things that you did.”

She shrugged, adding her towel to his.  “That’s the advantage of being a Slayer.  Extra power and increased fighting ability all in a little package.”

The two started walking towards the door, both talking as they did.  “Who did you train with?  Some of those things you just don’t pick up.”

Buffy looked away, closing herself off to him.  “I used to work with someone.  But they  - left.  And we have more important things to talk about; like Frost.  He’ll be coming after us, now that he can’t do the ritual anymore.  We have to get ready for attacks.”

Buffy picked up her pace and exited the room before him, completely closed off.  Blade followed her, wondering what had happened to her to make her like that.  And, realizing how much they actually had in common.