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But true love is a durable fire In the mind ever burning; Never sick, never old, never dead; From itself never turning.
- Sir Walter Raliegh

Romance has always been a part of Power Rangers, whether in the show itself or in the thoughts and minds of fanfic writers. Here you will find a growing collection of pictures and maybe fanfics about the couples of Power Rangers. Archieved here are not only couples that were on the show but couples that could have been or that had a certain chemistry between them. Hope you enjoy!

Last Updated: July 19, 2003. Added new pics to the Cassie/Tj, Kim/Billy, Andros/Ashley, Kendrix/Kai, Kendrix/Leo, Maya/Leo, Billy/Trini Leo/Karone, Tommy/Kim and Wes/Jen pages. Check it out!

Mighty Morphin

Billy and TriniJason and Kimberly
Billy and KimberlyTommy and Kimberly

Coming Soon:
Zack and Kimberly
Zack and Trini

Power Rangers Zeo/Power Rangers Turbo

Tommy and KatTanya and Adam

Power Rangers Turbo/Power Rangers in Space

Andros and AshleyCarlos and Ashley
Zhane and AstronemaCassie and the Phantom Ranger
Cassie and TjZhane and Ashley

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Karone and LeoKendrix and Leo
Maya and LeoKendrix and Kai

Coming Soon:
Maya and Damon

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Coming Soon:
Joel and Mrs. Fairweather
Dana and Carter
Kelsey and Chad

Power Rangers Time Force

Jen and Wes